Yapı Kredi Fast- FRWRD Acceleration Program Started!

We're here to learn about early-stage technology developing products and services for SMEs!

What We Provide

We have helped Startups included in the Yapı Kredi Fast FRWRD Acceleration Program grow with the support packages we have prepared for their needs.

Collaboration Opportunity with Yapı Kredi and Koç Group

Opportunity to scale Startups with the support of Yapı Kredi and Koç Group

Opportunity to Access Investment Networks

Opportunity to receive investment from local and global investors, especially the Koç Group Companies First Private Venture Capital Investment Fund

Technical and Infrastructure Support

Opportunity to access support such as technology, infrastructure and cloud services provided by Yapı Kredi and its program partners.

Training & Business Development Support

Opportunity to participate in weekly training and masterclasses with experts in their fields.

Mentor and Consulting Support

Opportunity to receive mentorship and consultancy from leading names in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Opportunity to Benefit from Banking Products

Opportunity to benefit from the banking products offered by Yapı Kredi

Participation in Networking Events

Opportunity to meet with the leaders of the Local and Global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Opportunity

Opportunity to test products developed with Yapı Kredi and program partners.

Application Process

The application process of our program consists of five stages.


We receive applications from startups that apply to the program.

Preliminary assessment

We evaluate the applications according to the criteria of the program.


We invite Startups that meet the specified criteria for an interview and want to get to know them in more detail.


We evaluate and select the initiatives that have successfully completed the interview phase.

Program Start

We accept startups that successfully complete the evaluation processes into the program.

Who Can Apply?


Developing technological products and services for SMEs


Developed or completed a minimum working product (MVP)


Aiming to expand its venture into new markets by scaling it globally.


Those with an innovative, disruptive and globally scalable business model.


Those who can demonstrate the suitability of their product to the market and want to grow rapidly.

Program Schedule

Startups that qualify for the Yapı Kredi Fast FRWRD Acceleration Program are provided 3 months of training, mentoring, consultancy, cooperation meetings with Yapı Kredi and Koç Group, and participation in investment talks. We are growing your Startup together with the opportunities we offer completely free of charge.

Beginning of Applications
15 March 2023
Application Deadline

10 April 2023

Kick-off Event
26 April 2023
Disclosure of Accepted Startups

23 April 2023

Program Start
1 May 2023
Demo Day

12 July 2023


Erman Taylan

Paribu Ventures

Bora Koçyiğit

Managing Partner at
WePlay Ventures

Av. Atakan Karataş

Karataş & Partners
Founding Lawyer

Mustafa Kopuk

Managing Partner at
Domino Ventures

Yiğit Arslan

Managing Partner at
TechOne VC

Ahmet Argun

Managing Partner at
Lima Ventures

Kenan Çolpan

Partner of Boğaziçi

İbrahim Elbaşı

Managing Director

Erhan Çağşırlı

SMM at Cevherler

Serkan Ünsal


Eser Erkan

OmniChannel Consultant

Tunç Özgül

Head of Startup and
VC Ecosystem at AWS

İpek Çeliksöz

212 VC Associate

Ali Çebi

Managing Partner at
AC Ventures

Melisa İtmeç

Business Development at EGİAD

Denise Noyan

Managing Director at
Wealt Capital

Serdar Sultanoğlu

Founder of ProserArge

Aziz Dostgül

Investment Manager at

Erdem Şenturalı

Founder of Swipeline

Umut Yaka

Founder of Swipeline

Kerim Kotan

Senior Partner at
Ventura Partners

Mike Sapiton

Analyst at SID
Venture Partners

Mehmet Buldurgan

Şirket Ortağım

Berrak Kutsoy

Community Builder

Benjamin Wilkening

Vision Lab Partner at
Earlybird Ventures

Ergi Şener

CEO at NomuPay Turkey

Serkan Bağçe

Startup Market, CEO

İsmail Haznedar

Gain Global, Founder

Yasemin Yücel Karasu

Senior Partner at
Ventura Partners

Selma Bahçıvanoğlu

Managing Director at
Simya VC

Selim Yazıcı

Founder at
Fintech Istanbul

Onur Özdemir

Business Development Unit Head at Finberg

Emir Uzunoğlu

Marketing Manager for Startups at Microsoft Turkey

Duygu Eren

General Manager of Keiretsu Forum Türkiye 

Sadık Köseoğlu

Director Şirket Ortağım Melek Yatırımcı Ağı

Günce Önür

General Partner at Startup Wise Guys

Av. Emre Akkaş

Founding Partner at Akkaş&Partners

Av. Burak Özdemir

CEO & Chief Privacy Officer at OD Privacy

Özgür Ahmet Köse

Agency Head at Brand Story Agency

Demet Zübeyiroğlu

Chairperson at FINTR, Fintech Association Turkey

Selim Kender

Head of Turkish Business Development at Avalabs

Avni Güven

Business Development Associate at Avalabs

Ceyhun Onur

Senior Software Engineer at Avalabs

Michael Ornat

Managing Partner at
Rada Capital

Yağız Karadeniz

Managing Director at
Domino Ventures

Burak Yılmaz

Managing Director at
WePlay Ventures

Büşra Yılmaz

Investment Manager at
Domino Ventures

Eren Aşkın

Finance Manager at
Domino Ventures

Emre Sezgin

Strategy Manager at
Domino Ventures

Saltukhan Gülşen

Investment Management Lead at
WePlay Ventures

Derin Keskin

Investor Relations Lead at
Domino Ventures

Dorukhan Yavuz

Investment Executive at
WePlay Ventures

Buğra Metin

Investment Associate at
Domino Venture

Bengisu Yazıcılar

Investment Analyst at
Domino Ventures

Denis Hoşten

Investment Analyst at
WePlay Ventures


2. Term Initiatives



Early-stage technology startups developing products, services or technology for SMEs can apply to the program. Initiatives are expected to have completed the MVP process.

The programs duration is 2 months.

You can apply by filling out the form that appears when you click the Apply button.

Evaluations will be carried out in cooperation with Yapı Kredi and its program partners, taking into account the suitability of the Startups for the program. Interviews will be held with startups that pass the preliminary evaluation, and Startups that qualify for the program will be determined.

The program encompasses several benefits for the participating departments, including training sessions, mentoring, masterclasses, collaborative meetings with Yapı Kredi and Koç Group, as well as opportunities to participate in investment talks.

The program’s mentors will consist of prominent individuals in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as Yapı Kredi employees with relevant experience. Please feel free to refer to the Mentors section to learn more about our esteemed mentors for this program.

No, all services specific to selected initiatives are available free of charge. No fees or shares are requested from participants.

For all your questions about the program, you can send an e-mail to frwrd@yapikredi.com.tr