Yapı Kredi FRWRD Global
Estonia Program Starts!

Technology startups that develop products and services with Artificial Intelligence technologies are growing their startups in Estonia and expanding global markets with the 4-months program
with the support of KOSGEB!

What We Provide?

We enable them to grow with support packages we prepare for the needs of startups included in the Yapı Kredi FRWRD Global Program.

Global Partners, Yapı Kredi and Koç Group Collaboration Opportunity

Opportunity to grow your startup with the support of program partners.

Opportunity to Access Investment Networks

Opportunity to receive investments from local and global investors, especially Estonian and European VCs, Yapı Kredi FRWRD VC and Koç Group VC.

Working Area

Opportunity to work in the prominent centers of the Estonian Ecosystem

Training & Business Development Support

Opportunity to participate in weekly training and masterclasses with experts in their fields.

Mentor and Consulting Support

Opportunity to receive mentorship and consultancy from leading names in the Estonian and European ecosystem.

Incorporation Support in Estonia

Incorporation in Estonia and residence application support with Startup Visa for startups

Participation in Networking Events

Opportunity to participate in global entrepreneurship events and meet with the players of its ecosystem.

Foreign Expansion Support

Consultancy support on export, tax, logistics, etc. you will need while selling your product abroad

KOSGEB Program Support

Within the scope of the program, the following supports will be covered by KOSGEB* to support the participation of startups in the acceleration program.

*For now, only application requests are received, and relevant activities will be carried out in line with the positive result of the project application by KOSGEB.

Program Participation Fee

Fees for participation in training, mentoring, workspace and activities within the scope of the program

Consulting Support

Up to $1,000 (one-time) support in consultancy matters such as establishing company, law

Transportation Support

Flight ticket budget up to $500 (one time), which can be used to and from Estonia

Accommodation Support

Budget up to $1,000 (monthly) to be used for accommodation for the duration of the program

Daily Expense Support

Budget up to $1,500 (monthly) that can be used for daily expenses of startups during the program

Who Can Apply?


Those who develop products and services with Artificial Intelligence technologies


Startups with products or services available for sale


Companies under 5 years old


Between the ages of 5 and 10, 2022 turnover is 3 million TL and has more than 7 employees


They will be able to participate full-time in the program that will take place in Estonia for 3 months

Program Calendar

We provide 4 months of training, mentoring, consultancy, cooperation meetings with Yapı Kredi and Koç Group, and participation in investment talks for startups that qualify for the Yapı Kredi FRWRD Global Program. We are expanding our startup abroad together with the opportunities we offer completely free of charge with the support of KOSGEB.

Application Starts
12 May
Application Deadline

2 June

September 2023
Approval of the Program by KOSGEB

July 2023

Estonia Phase
October - December 2023
Demo Day

December 2023


Startups that develop products, services or technologies with Artificial Intelligence technologies, have reached the stage of salable products, and comply with the definitions of startups and scaleups defined by KOSGEB, can apply to the program.

Startups accepted into the program are online for 1 month; 4 months in total, 3 months of which is physical in Estonia; will benefit from opportunities such as training, mentoring, consultancy, cooperation meetings with Yapı Kredi, Koc Group and potential customers from abroad, and participation in investment talks.

The duration of the program is 4 months; 1 month online and 3 months physical.

The mentor pools of the Estonian stakeholders of the program will mentor the statups. Mentors will consist of experts in international expansion, globalization, investment, export and marketing.

No, selected startups will benefit from all services within the scope of the program within the scope of KOSGEB’s related support, and no fees or shares will be demanded from the startups within the limits.

When you click the Apply Now button, you can complete your application by filling out the form.

Yapı Kredi will apply for the relevant support of KOSGEB together with the selected startups and if the program is supported within the scope of KOSGEB, all startups will be able to benefit from the program and the support provided by KOSGEB.

For all your questions about the program, you can send an e-mail to frwrd@yapikredi.com.tr.